Le Meriden Saigon free flow lunch/dinner:

One of my favourite things to do on the weekend is experience dining at it’s finest at one of the trendy hotel restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. These elite few places offer a buffet brunch or dinner with a free flow drinks option. What’s better than fresh, buttery seafood paired with a white wine or a succulent sirloin steak paired with a good red? The best part of this buffet is that there is no  hassle in trying to choose which one you desire most because at the Le Meriden Saigon you have countless food options at your fingertips and for one set price you have access to it all.

1. Fresh seafood stations:


I am a huge lover of shell fish and if you are too then the Le Meriden Saigon buffet price is more than worth it since the price of just one lobster at an upmarket restaurant will set you back more than 1000 000 VND in Ho Chi Minh City. At the Le Meriden Saigon for a few hundred thousand Vietnamese Dong more you will now be able to eat as many lobsters as you would like, any seafood lover’s dream. The fresh seafood station has a selection of fish, prawns, lobster, cray fish along with oysters and squid. The chef will give you the choice of boiling, grilling or frying it and the best part is that you can hand pick exactly what you want. While your seafood is getting prepared browse all the other food stations and grab a starter or another main.

2. Meat carving station:


As a carnivore I couldn’t help myself but gravitate towards the meat carving station. From Sirloin, Rib-Eye to Flank the Le Meriden Saigon often changes the cut of the steak they serve for their buffets. However, whichever steak you get to experience will not disappoint you as they are prepared to be lean, juicy and succulent. The meat carving station also incorporates other options to accommodate the non-steak lovers such as pork belly and roast chicken which is paired with a variety of vegetables, salads as well as roast potatoes and gravy.

3. Finger food station:


The finger food station doesn’t sound like a lot but it could possibly be my favorite station at the Le Meridan Saigon buffet purely based on their extensive gourmet finger food selection. From mini lasagnas to hamburger sliders and chicken drummets. The finger food station has multiple options and will leave you longing for more after every plate.

4. Cheese board station:


If I would have to choose my last meal on this planet it would hands down be a cheese board. I am obsessed with all the flavors and textures of different cheeses as well as what they pair well with. At the Le Meriden Saigon their cheese boards and pairings are exquisite with boiled eggs, crispy bacon, croquettes and jars of dates accompanying the Camembert, Brie, Cheddar, Emmental and Blue cheeses. Along with a variety of sauces such as Dijon mustard and tartar, crackers and bread.

5. Sushi station:


The sushi station was well hidden near the entrance which I just happened to stumble upon on my way to the desserts. This hidden treasure took me by surprise and I almost didn’t indulge in it since I felt so full that I could barely walk. However, the temptation won in the end and I got to experience fresh and delicious, well prepared sushi which oddly enough is hard to find in Asia.

6. Dessert station:


If you are like me, a huge sucker for anything sweet the Le Meriden Saigon is able to accommodate for your sweet tooth. From unique ice cream options with flavours such as coconut or peanut butter to sweet jars filled with M&M’s, this sweet station really does have it all. Fancy a crepe with Nutella or some brownies and sponge cake? Have it all..then come back for more! This station is constantly getting re-stocked so no fear of anything ever running out.

The Le Meriden Saigon’s brunch and dinner prices vary according to the day. Be prepared to spend anything between 1,400 000-1,800 000++ but bare in mind this price does include free flow soft drinks, white wine and red wine for 3-4 hours. Contact them via their Facebook page Le Meriden Saigon or check out their website  to reserve your table.

Happy fine dining!

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