Singapore getaway

Even after living in Asia for over three years I still get blown away by the first world Asian countries I get to experience every so often. After watching Crazy Rich Asians my boyfriend and I knew for sure where our next travel destination had to be. This country is just as captivating as it… Continue reading Singapore getaway


An Lam Retreat, Ninh Van Bay.

Do you know those kinds of holidays that leave you in absolute awe regarding your surroundings and the world we live in, that leave you pinching yourself to make sure you're actually experiencing real life and not just in a dream world fantasy? Well, that's the feeling one ultimately gets the minute they arrive at… Continue reading An Lam Retreat, Ninh Van Bay.


Oasis in Otres Beach, Cambodia

While traveling for the past three years I have come across some well hidden secret vacation spots. Places with blue skies, calm oceans and cheap cocktails that almost sound too good to be true. One of these spots which I personally consider to be heaven on earth is Otres Beach located in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Never… Continue reading Oasis in Otres Beach, Cambodia


New teacher living abroad tricks of the trade

Unsure, perplexed, unclear or bewildered are some of the words that come to mind when we think about leaving our comfort zone and traveling around the big bad world. No matter how confident or brave we are the thought of going to a brand new place, learning a new culture, settling in to a new… Continue reading New teacher living abroad tricks of the trade