Singapore getaway

Even after living in Asia for over three years I still get blown away by the first world Asian countries I get to experience every so often. After watching Crazy Rich Asians my boyfriend and I knew for sure where our next travel destination had to be. This country is just as captivating as it seems and with English being an official language in Singapore you can rest assured knowing there will be no communication barriers . Some of my favourite things about this place is their efficient transportation system, countless happy hour spots, insane panoramic views and ofcourse their local food which ranks at the top of my list for the best food in Asia – no joke!

Where to stay?


What we really loved about Singapore was how close together everything was, our drive from the airport to the hotel took a whopping 20 minutes. We loved the location we chose in China Town as it had such a great vibe. Picture quaint ramen bars as well as upbeat burger bars and the perfect blend of old and new buildings.


China Town has a maze of narrow roads which is easy to get lost in which makes exploring this side of town so much fun. For amazing value for money book Kesa House, our stay at this spot was truly incredible thanks to their trendy rooms and friendly staff. This place also offers great perks like a fully stoked kitchen, let’s be honest no one wants to cook on holiday but with Singapore’s astronomical international food prices it’s nice to at least have the option.

 Day 1 Itinerary


I have always preferred beach holidays to city destinations as I usually love to just laze around on my holiday, reading a book and enjoying some vitamin D. However, Singapore might have changed me a bit. This holiday was a busy one as this vibrant city boasts so much to see and do!


After exploring China Town and eating a DELICIOUS lunch which I will tell you more about later, we decided to head to Clarke Quay for a fun evening out. Clarke Quay is a great tourist spot and is famous for its waterside restaurants, buzzing bars and nightclubs – many of these places have great happy hour drink specials so make sure to get there early if you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a drink.


Here you can also get a river cruise which offers the perfect opportunity to see Singapore from the water at night.


Day 2 Itinerary


Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with theme parks. Oh the thrill of going on your favourite rollercoaster and feeling your tummy drop – not much in life can compare. What better way could we spend our final day in Singapore? The idea of traveling to Sentosa Island from China Town seemed daunting at first until we Googled it and realised Sentosa was only a….wait for this friends – 12 minute ride away! After finding out this information it was a no brainer, Universal Studios here we come. We booked a Grab (Asia’s version of Uber) and we were on our way for a day of thrills.


We arrived at Sentosa Island around 12 and were surprised to find no long queues or lines at the entrance of the rides! At the time we weren’t sure why but were later informed that it was due to the recent outbreak of Covid19 in China.


Favourite rides like Battlestar Galactica and Revenge of the Mummy had a waiting time of 5 minutes! We couldn’t believe our luck as we went on most rides multiple times.


The  highlight of our day were the fun shows that the Universal Studios performers put on. We had a good time watching all the shows and walking around the parks.



We ate at the classic American diner and pizza spot located in NYC, we also had the occasional snack at the food stalls which are set up at Universal Studios.

Around 4pm we left Universal, went back to the hotel to get changed and head over to Marina Bay Sands.


We arrived at Marina Bay Sands and decided to first explore the Gardens by the Bay and take a look at the infamous  super trees which light up at night. Unfortunately by the time we arrived the flower dome was closed but we got to see the super trees in the nature park as well as other phenomenal decorations that were set up in this vicinity for Tet and Chinese New Year.


After walking through the nature park we decided to go get a Singapore Sling and take a look at the phenomenal views. We headed to Ce La Vie for some rooftop tipples, you are asked to purchase a ticket which allows you entrance to the skybar as well as one cocktail.


These views were breathtaking and we truly felt lucky to be here on this night.


Food Spots



I wish I was able to name more food spots that we loved but this local restaurant captured our hearts on the very first day we arrived and we couldn’t help ourselves but return multiple times. Our Grab driver recommended this Nasi Lemak spot which was located directly around the corner from Kesa House.


We are massive fans of Nasi Lemak ever since our first trip to Malaysia so to say we were in heaven would be putting it mildly. For those of you who are not sure what Nasi Lemak is, it is a Malay fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk accompanied with fried anchovies, deep-fried fish or chicken wings, grilled fish paste and peanuts, eggs, cucumber slices and sambal. This place was truly spectacular, so much so that we ate here three times in two days! Highly recommend. 


I definitely consider myself a die hard Shake Shack fan, so much so that before we plan a trip I find myself looking up potential airports that we can fly through just to be able to encounter glorious Shake Shack again. Thankfully Jewel shopping mall right near Changi airport houses a Shake Shack so we were able to sample this deliciousness before flying out. Note that there are shuttles that run every few minutes from different terminals to Jewel free of charge.


Such a great weekend away in Singapore,  short but sweet – we’ll be back!



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