Trying to keep up with the latest “fashuuun” trends is hard enough without having to worry about whether your country is as fashion forward as the one you’re just about to visit. Do you even own anything considered fashionable? Are you going to pack the right items in your suitcase? Do you have enough space to basically just pack your whole closet and then secretively hope for the best? These universal packing trip essentials will help you out no matter where in the world you are to ensure the best inta snaps.

  1. Full costume 

For the longest time any full costume automatically reminded me of a black, shapeless and tacky swimming costume that I was required to wear during P.E (Physical Exercise) in high school. However, these days they are considered extremely fashion forward as they provide comfort and confidence by hugging all the right places while exposing your assets. Do yourself a favor and grab any whole colored full cozzie to pack in your suitcase to ensure the best “I’m in Miami b*tch” pics.


*Watch out for- Make sure to stay clear or get a second opinion on any full costume that is multi-colored or has vertical or diagonal lines or shapes on it. These normally accentuate a certain area of your body (such as your tummy) that you may or may not want accentuated*

2. Floral patterned flowy skirt or maxi dress

One can never really go wrong with a floral patterned flowy skirt/maxi dress. These are perfect to throw on when you are grabbing a sundowner, visiting a historical site temple as you need to cover your knees or just throwing it over for a quick breakfast at your hotel.


48266808_1946012782370564_3632882728518549504_n (1)

*Watch out for – Remember that you do not want to overdo the patterns or incorporate too many colors, simplicity is key in this circumstance and less is definitely more*

3. Denim Skirt or dress 

Booty shorts as great as they are are slowly starting to make an exit with tight fitting short denim skirts ranking in as one of the new must have’s in every girl’s closet. A blue or black denim skirt can be paired with many of your favorite crop tops resulting in minimum effort for superb results. Wear this cute little denim skirt ensemble to tour around the local town.


*Watch out for-  Denim skirts or dresses come across as casual and easy so people often assume taking care of these items will be just as easy. However, after a few washes these items can look worn out or faded*

4.  Crochet tops

I personally believe that crochet tops will never go out of style. Pair it with shorts, jeans or skirts for a simple yet exotic look. People often consider crotchet tops as a day time look however, it is very easy to transform this look to suit a night time look. Add a leather skirt, some cute booties or heels and wala…night time look at it’s finest.


*Watch out for- Crotchet tops are beautiful but they do not last long. Be prepared for some wear and tear, hand wash if you can and know when to get rid of one and buy another*

5. Leather jacket 

A leather jacket is a must have for any girl’s closet and does wonders for you when travelling. Whether your destination is hot or cold you will never go wrong with wearing it on the plane, during a torrential rain storm or when you least expect having it.


*Watch out for – The fit of your leather jacket is extremely important. Stay away from bulgy unfitted jackets which make you appear to look bigger or sloppy*

Happy packing! Fashion

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